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General conditions

 Requirements before starting the course:

1. To fill the application form in.

2. Medical certificate (in case of GPs the general free).

3. Exam fees

4. You must make a petition to assign the theory exam.

5. You must copy the passport or ID. card.

6. Being above the age limit (in case of category "B": 16,5 years; "A" category 24 years).

7. The Applicant should fit all the points/questions of public safety of the application form.

8. Residence permit valid for at least 6 months (if you are from the EU need to have a certificate of your registered postal address that can be asked at the Mayor's Office)  

 Requirements for starting the exams in case of category "B": 

1. The applicant should fulfil the conditions of being admitted to participate at the course.

2. The applicant should participate at the compulsory theoretical and technical lessons (given number).

3. The applicand should pay the exam fee (later in details).

4. In case of the theoretical exam the applicant may be younger than 17 by maximum 3 months. ("A" category 24 years)

5. In case of the technical exam the applicant may not be younger than 17. ("A" category 24 years)

The applicant may take the Theoretical exam if: 

The applicant may take the Car-handling and Driving in traffic exams if: 

  • He or she has completed the theoritical part of the course or was released from completing it,

  • He or she fits all the requirements appointes by the separate law of public safety, health and competence

  • He or she is younger than the age limit set by the separate law by maximum six months whether he or she would like to get the driving licence, the driver licence or the driving permit (who is already 17 years old or younger by maximum 3 months, but is allowed to take the practical exam if being az least 17 years old).

  • He or she is able to prove that he or she was obliged to participate at the complementary course more than two years before and has fulfilled the obligation of attending the course.

  • If the applicant failed at the theroretical exam, he or she still may take the other exams without participating at another course and without any restriction. 
  • He or she fits all the requirements appointed by the separate law of public safety, health and competence

  • He or she has reached the age limit when the driving licence can be issued.

  • He or she has passed the theoretical exam. 

  • He or she has participated at the practical part of the course.


The Driving in Traffic exam may be taken only after the successful bike-handling exam ("A" category)!!! 

 All the practical exams have to be taken in two years time from the date of the first successful theoretical exam. If the applicant fails to pass the exams during this interval you should take a new course.

The applicant may take practical exam if he or she paid the exam fee in the cash desk of the exam committee.

 Duration of the theoretical course: 10 lessons - about 1 week.       

 Duration of the lessons of the theoretical course: 45 minutes

The exam has to be taken after the completion of the theoretical course. 

Duration of the practical lessons of driving:

                             "B" 29+1 lessons        "A" 26+1 lessons

1.  Basic training                   9 hours                10 hours

2.  Driving in the city            14 hours                11 hours

3.  Driving on the highway      4 hours                  5 hours

4.  Driving at night                 2 hours

5.  Practical exams                 1 hour                   1 hour

(Handling "A" category:15 mins, Driving in traffic: 60mins)       

Duration of the practical lessons: 50 minutes

Practice of driving in traffic may be started only after the successful routine exam ("A" category).

Practical lessons (driving lessons) may be attended only after the successful theoretical exam.

Further information: 

The students are allowed to cancel the lessons - agreed with the driving teacher in advance - at least 48 hours earlier than the lesson. After this time, the lesson is considered to be a "not present lesson, that has to be compensated if it is part of the basic training. This is required so that the student will be able to apply for the exam, for which the student is responsible. 

If the lesson is cancelled by the driving teacher (technical problem, bad road conditions, illness, etc.) the lesson will be completely compensated by the teacher. 

Both the student and the teacher have to wait for 20 minutes in case delay.

In case of the Re-take exam the following lessons have to be taken:


                                    - driving exam                 4+1 lessons


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