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DRIVING SCHOOL continuously helps  to change "B" or “A” category licenses in English!

 APPLICATION:       personal meeting before the course begins.

 OFFICE-HOURS:     Phone at any time

 Address:               Phone: 06-30-9 315 915 or  06-30-4 742 942 

                            E-mail    imre.driving@gmail.com

                            Postal address: (P.O.B.) 2043. Budaörs 3 PF. 10


 Before the course you need to have:

           1. /       A filled in application form

           2. /       Photos of  3,5 x 4,5 cm. (1 piece)

           3. /       Medical certificate (from your doctor)

           4. /       Residence permits valid for at least 6 months (if you are from the Europian Union need to have a certificate of your registered postal address that can be asked at the Mayor’s Office)

           5. /       You Must pay 17.000, - HUF for the exams (theory, and practical) or 6.000,- HUF just the theory (depends on the Document Office).

           6./        Your original local license, and translated by Official   Translated Office
















































Traffic knowledge, constructional and operating knowledge, theory of driving.

After the theoratical part the Highway Code exam is obligatory.

An official interpreter has to be present at the theory exam.

we teach the theory at your place or wherever it is convenient for you.


II. DRIVING PRACTICE (2x50 minutes/occasion)

According to the Hungarian rules you should take some driving lessons.

You have to take only 1 practical exam. It is 40 minutes.

You can meet the driving teacher at a place you have agreed to previously.

The teacher has to meet you at your place an extra charge has to paid.



Theory education                              40.000,- HUF

Practice                                            4.000,-HUF/hour

Extra charge:Pick up at your place     + 1.000,- HUF/hour

                    Intensive                   + 1.000,- HUF/hour

                    Theory at your place   + 5.000,- HUF


You can pay in Euro













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